Homemade-Interview   september / 10 / 2004
(After 8 months spent in ASIA)

And he just want to take a bit of your TIME..)

Q: -Mr Ranger le retour est-il un choc culturel?

A: Non.. les amitiés sont un territoire familier qu’il me fait grand plaisir de retrouver..

Q: -Ou étiez vous pendant tout ce temps  Mr Ranger?
1 heure à Tokyo
1 journée à Singapour
6 mois en Inde
1 mois en Thaïlande
1 mois à Bali
10 heures en Corée
1 semaine à San Francisco

Q: -Avez-vous beaucoup filmé durant votre voyage?

A: oui. des tonnes de trucs, des heures et des heures..
Mais peu si je constate que j’ai en cassettes peut être une cinquantaine d’heures sur cinq mille quatre cent quarante heures de vécu.

Q: And what are you going to do with all these images that you have shoot during your trip?

A: I will make them FIT together

Q: Like a magician?

A: Like an illusionist on psychedelics
a very special JOHNNY RANGER

Q: When can we expect to see the mix?

Just in the right time,
You just can’t force taste to happen! 
You have to stir and mix the ingredients with love until they transcend their individual flavors into a new hybrid delicacy.

Q: -Who did you meet on the way?

A: I wanted to meet the Sun especially and I am always pleased by the Moon’s company, and I really did see many versions of them both..

A:  I think particularly of the slow regular build up of a Big Boiling Indian Sun
and  a few moments where I bathed (sometimes blissfully naked) in Full Orgasmic Moonshines.
But then there was also diverse types of meetings, ants colonies, gangs of sacred Cows (& bulls), lots of lazy dogs that became quite nasty at nights, cute thick furry cats with fleas & traumatize dirty ones with no tails, trash eating pigs that inevitably end up on a stick, elephants real or sculpted in unbelievable majestic rock temples, incredible Insects of various sizes and extraterrestrial shapes, glamorous but bloody Balinese cockfights, camel taxis, butterflies beauties, talking birds, thousands of colored fishes in full freedom that I had previously only saw in pet shops,  flocks of all kinds of species moving together in astounding shapes of collective instinctual team designs , even human crowds moving in streams, and lots and lots of huge social baths with all their peculiar vibrations.


And I did witness many anonymous individuals of all shapes and styles, special encounters that ignited trust / distrust, gracious males & females but also monsters real and imagined, my eyes saw the whole range of black/brown/yellow/coffee/white-type o’ skins, rich & poor, touchingly loving souls and inoffensive shameless crooks, business types, artists types, humanists, reactionary traditionalists, archaic dudes & futuristic souls, freedom lovers and permanent travelers, tourist for a week, honeymooners, self proclaimed Babas and world acclaimed Gurus, surfer dudes and dudesses, many MANY Goddesses (thanks the mighty skillful power of  existenz!), foreign workaholics, ladyboys, wild tribes of dreadlocked sadhus (some with cell phones), cybernerds, movie stars, bathing beauties, clubbers, lepers, design tattooed bodies either tribal or in a urban style, Russian techno lovers, prostitutes, American wannabes, monks, sinners, vendors, daydreamers,  etc..

and a wide range of landscape, the sea of course as much as I could, hot or cold, open fields, mountains, rice terraces, small, medium and megasize cities, deserts, luscious green vegetation of rainforest with zillions of waterfalls, nasty urbanism and harmonious villages, favelas and bidonvilles, ghostowns, I have seen them from up and down, and from the inside in real life or in dreams..

           All these creatures with their many eyes  big black pupils eyes/ thin diamond shaped eyes / shy /daring/ eyes, many               smiles, many curious gazes, many surprises, many gifts.

Q: What were you looking for?
A: nothing in particular, whatever was coming up, whatever I notice, whatever notice me. I was there to take my time, nurture emptiness, breathe better and think of my own projects in an extraterrestrial type of context.

Êtes vous plein ou vide en revenant de ce long voyage?

Pour le moment, Plein d’inspiration et vide de préoccupations, un grand bonheur équilibriste
Q: What were you doing over there?

A: I was touring around

Q: Wherent you working?

A: I work all the time

Q: all the time?

A: Doing nothing is also part of the plan

Q: what plan?

A:  My Big Master Plan

Q: Can you tell us the outlines?

A: in time

Q: You called yourself a tourist!

A: ..I am even a tourist in my own country

Q: we could say you are a permanent tourist

A:  exactly

Yes it helps me notice things, I observe, I take notes, I slowly put many ideas together.

Q: For  what reason?

A: To see what fits together for a while
like a constellation
Like moving constellations
Dynamic associations

Q: made of stars?

A: Made of points

really it is all made of moving points, motion out of intention & actions.
Notice the directions and all the imaginary lines in between the points, all born out of tension and attractions.

Q: So you observe dots and lines, why?

A: Cause essentially that is what we seem to be made of..

Point of entries, and meeting points and lots and lots of empty spaces in between

no real separation       only in the mind

you have to constantly hold on to the limitations to make them breathe and crystallize
and you have to work hard to maintain and invent those limitations
a real energy drainer
and me well..
I am just a lazy man
for me it’s all about
deconstructions & reconstructions with lots and lots of empty spaces.

That’s it for now.
I guess I’ll see ya
in future meeting points…


Johnny Ranger

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