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Jean Ranger, also known as Johnny Ranger, is a versatile video and design artist. He divides his time between his own interdisciplinary creations involving unusual or multi-screen projections and collaborative projects with choreographers, directors, media art centers and design studios. 

For a period of three years, he was the artistic director for Moment Factory, one of the most innovative live video production companies in the world. In 2012 Moment Factory invited Johnny to created two videos segment for Madonna Live MDNA tour. Recently, as an artist in residence, he created and directed an immersive 360° film presented in the Satosphère at the Society for arts and technology_SAT.  Based on his innovative screenplay, the 60 minute film deploys a hybrid narrative that merges film, graphic novel, music video and visual arts. He had previously co-directed with acclaimed filmmaker Bernard Hebert, creating a 360° film on a contemporary representation of Quebec’s First Nations. The film was shown in an inflatable giant dome on the site of the 400th anniversary celebration of Quebec City, involving Algonquin rap artist Samian and Inuit throat singers. The first 360° horizontal projection in collaboration between Johnny and musician Manuel Chantre was Reflections _ Reflexions, created for the SAT in 2006, and was presented in the Taiwan Museum of fine arts in 2010.

Jean Ranger started his career with the coming of age of mainstream internet in 1996 as an artist and web designer. He worked as an art director for a media company and also created innovative multidisciplinary performances and interactive web art, some of which has been exhibited in the Biennale d’art Contemporain de Montréal, the New Museum of New York, & the Canadian Cultural Center in Paris amongst others.

With the use of new live video programs in 2000, he became a live video artist, pushing new narratives by mixing video art, design and rhythmic editing during events, art shows and festivals. In 2004 after a one year trip recording videos in India, South-East Asia and Brazil, he culminated his live projection into a multi screen video performance called The Dynamic Constellations, involving live musicians and choreographers. In 2009 he was an artist in residence in Brazil, at the Sacatar institute, collaborating with Yarn bombing crochet artist extraordinaire OLEK to create the video serie Seis Mil Antennas

Through the years he has been a regular collaborator of choreographer Edouard Lock, creating video sequences for the worldwide-celebrated LA LA LA Human Steps dance shows. He has been artistic director for video projections for some Cirque du Soleil live events. Johnny has also been involved with playwright and director Brigitte Poupart, in live outdoor and indoor events, music shows, and just recently as first editor, cameraman and motion designer for OVER MY DEAD BODY, Brigitte’s first documentary about the provocative choreographer Dave St-Pierre, his work and lung transplant process.



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